Residential Boat Bar

unique bar replicates antique boat in holly and teak

This summer home’s outdoor living area features a lustrous hand crafted boat bar within the pool cabana.

Project Type:
new construction

Distinguishing Fact:
an outdoor bar in the form of an antique boat

holly and teak

Located on the waters of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the unique bar was developed in close collaboration with the homeowners. Designed to replicate an antique boat, the bar top incorporates thin strips of Holly matched with larger sections of Teak, mirroring the deck of a boat. An impeccably-applied high gloss finish adds brilliance and durability, weathering the elements for a lifetime.

The beautifully radiused Teak shelves and cabinets, housed inside the bar, offer convenient storage. The bar also incorporates Viking refrigerators and a sink.

The boat bar area includes an inviting sitting area with a brick fireplace and large screen television. Roll down walls hidden in the soffit can be easily adjusted to block the wind and extend the bar’s use during winter months. In addition to the boat bar, the outdoor space features a pool, hot tub, fountain, tennis court, and dock.

Photography: ILEX

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