Modern History

sleek new pavilions meld seamlessly into this 19th century home

Originally constructed in the early 1800s, the meticulous restoration of this home’s exterior belies its clean, bright, modernist interior.

Project Type:
exterior and interior renovation

Distinguishing Fact:
house was lifted from its foundation and fortified before being set back down

cedar walls and roof, black steel framed glass, mahogany paneling

Located in the heart of a historic district in Delaware, the home’s footprint more than doubled thanks to the addition of four new pavilions that form a back courtyard around a new swimming pool. Keeping the original structure prominently displayed in the overall composition, the 200-year-old home required extensive work. A 20th century addition was completely removed, and the house was jacked up from its foundation, fortified, and made level and plumb before it was set back down.

The home’s exterior detailing was kept historically correct, while inside, the space was made clean and modern. Divided into a foyer, bedrooms and baths, the structure now features an open staircase with floating wooden treads, glass walls, aluminum and stainless steel. Pristine white walls form the backdrop for the owner’s art collection.

The new pavilions’ exteriors are crisply detailed with cedar walls and roofs that match the historic house. However, the absence of overhangs and trim, coupled with large expanses of glass encased in black steel frames lend a modern edge to the overall design.

From the main house, an eight-foot-long glass passageway leads to the living room, which is wrapped in mahogany paneling. The new kitchen area features basalt flooring, white marble countertops and stainless steel cabinetry.

Retreat for all Seasons

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