Haven in the Harbor

a waterfront townhome enhances its harbor views

Chosen for its proximity to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, this waterfront townhome connects its owners to their beloved city’s waterfront thanks to the spectacular views found throughout the residence.

Project Type:
completion of interior

Distinguishing Fact:
widening the stairwell allowed for the creation and installation of a dramatic spiral staircase

Materials & Finishes:
hand-stained acacia floors, stepped ceilings, wall moldings

The home, though already built, was not fully finished inside when purchased. ILEX worked with the designer and homeowners to tailor the structure to their needs. Although the house possesses a wide footprint, its verticality is akin to a lighthouse, with nearly one-quarter of the space taken by a stairwell and elevator shaft.

Widening the stairwell by nearly five inches and creating a pristine spiral staircase added drama and movement. A doorway was widened to enhance the water views from the kitchen, and the existing double-sided fireplaces were sculpted to fit the new interiors. Other walls were removed altogether to make the home feel more spacious and airy, and pocket doors were incorporated to maximize spaces throughout. Dark Acacia floors were scraped and hand-stained to act as a reflecting pool and provide a sharp contrast to the white walls. In place of traditional crown moldings, stepped ceilings and wall moldings were added for architectural interest and a cleaner look.

Custom storage solutions were engineered throughout the interior. Bathroom vanities with in-drawer plugs were created so that appliances can remain plugged in and out of sight when not in use. In the kitchen, custom cabinets were designed and installed for the homeowner's breakfast shake equipment, while in the library, a wall was transformed into a bar to hold the wares. And for sheer whimsy, a suspended daybed was installed in the master sitting room in order to leisurely take in the breathtaking water and city views.

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