Charlottesville Farm

a stunning addition creates a modern zen space

Built on a knoll overlooking a pond, this 2600-square-foot addition to an existing log house seems to rise seamlessly out of the ground.

Project Type:
addition to an existing home and a separate new gym

Distinguishing Fact:
copper and natural field stone are used to soften the modern rectilinear lines of the farmhouse

glass, steel, field stone, copper and wood

Located just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, the striking beauty and serenity of this farmhouse is immediately captivating. Yet it's the structure's unique details that engage and delight the gaze again and again. Featuring crafted detailing both inside and out helps the home retain a much more human scale. Angular industrial steel beams and glass are juxtaposed against undulating copper walls and soffits and texturally-rich natural stone walls to add tactile and visual interest and character.

Many of the same building materials used outside are featured inside the home as well. Softly-honed concrete floors and natural woods meld organically with the stone walls to create tranquility and balance. The kitchen's one-of-a-kind sculptural ceiling was meticulously designed and hand-crafted of poplar. The one-of-a-kind installation accommodates custom lighting for dimension and warmth.

From the large family living areas to the most private of bathrooms, almost all of the indoor spaces are designed to maximize the property's spectacular day-to-evening views through the incorporation of floor-to-ceiling glass walls, windows, or screens. An abundance of minimalist outdoor seating areas round out the natural aesthetic.

Rustic Country Guest House

incorporates elements reminiscent of the main house

European-Inspired Mountain Retreat

takes its inspiration from Alpine architecture